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We Craft Incredible Entertainment for the Masses.

Mino Games is a mobile games developer based in San Francisco, CA. We were founded in 2011 as a small group of passionate engineers and artists. Our mission is to create the highest quality games that millions of people all around the world play and love.


Josh Buckley

Josh grew up in in Kent, England. He built his first game at the age of 12. Josh sets the overall company strategy and product direction.

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Sash Mackinnon

Sash grew up in Sydney, Australia. He has been building games for over 10 years, and was previously running special projects at Zynga.

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Adam Guerrieri

Adam is yet to write his bio :(

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Justin Cichon

Justin grew up in Millstone NJ. Now he animates monsters that shoot fire and radiate sparkles.

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Marji Bordner

Marji makes things move by drawing them over and over again. She loves adorable things and naturally gravitated to Minomonsters.

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Joshua Granick

Joshua started making mobile games using a TI-83 graphing calculator. He is the creator of OpenFL, the cross-platform framework that powers Mino Monsters 2. He lives in California with his beautiful wife and five kids.

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Peter van Rensburg

Peter grew up in South Africa. He previously was an engineer at Mig33, and Lockerz. He leads our game server platform.

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Tavis Lam

Tavis helps put out fires at mino, and is our link to the community. He's been designing websites and animating since the age of 11. He also knows Mandarin, Cantonese, and Japanese.

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Courtney Via

Courtney is yet to write her bio :(

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Eve is yet to write her bio :(

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Bryan Chacosky

Bryan is yet to write his bio :(

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Darran Garnham, Advisor

Darran is an advisor to the team. He is yet to write his bio :(

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Edgar Lopez

Edgar likes animation and gaming. He helps out with support on Mino Monsters 2. He studied Multimedia at San Diego State University.

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We're thrilled to be able to work with some of Silicon Valley's top investors.


We make games in the heart of San Francisco’s SoMa district

2 Mint Plaza - Suite 604
San Francisco, CA

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